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Cellulose is an enzyme that hydrolyzes β-1,4-glycosidic bonds on cellulose molecules to produce glucose. The utilization of cellulase enzymes is currently increasing in the food, paper , detergent and agricultural industries. This research was aimed at obtaining cellulolytic bacterial isolates capable of producing cellulose enzyme where enzyme activity was measured daily by DNS method and to add bacterial isolate collection which will be used for further research. Screening of cellulolytic bacteria from soil led to detection or one potential isolate, designated as 6.2 showed highest activity among others which occurred on the 11th day with activity value of 0,0189 μmol/minute and the lowest activity of cellulase enzyme was not observed its activity, while the highest dissolved protein content occurred on the sixth day with activity of 0,408240784 mg/ml and the lowest protein content on day 2th of 0,167673552 mg / ml. The highest activity of specific enzyme occurred on the 11th day with a value of 0,0538 U/mg, while the lowest activity of specific enzyme was not activity with value of 0 U/mg.

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