Etnobotani (Pemanfaatan Tumbuhan Secara Tradisional) dalam Pengobatan Hewan Ternak oleh Masyarakat Using di Kabupaten Banyuwangi

Sauca Renar Kaunang, Iis Nur Asyiah, Sulifah Aprilya


Livestock disease is one of the biggest livestock obstacles in improving quality of their livestock production, then the cattle ranchers need the best drugs to treat diseases that attack livestock. Changes in modern lifestyles cause of public knowledge about natural animal medicine becomes lost and farmers are more likely to use chemical drugs to treat diseases that attack their cattle, but use of chemical drugs have a negative impact on their cattle, researcher conduct this study aimed to determine the utilization plants as traditional medicine ingredients livestock, because of use plants as a veterinary drug does not cause negative effects on livestock. This research is a descriptive exploratory study, using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods. The sampling research was done by using purposive sampling and the collection of data obtained through interviews Semi-Sructured by using the Open-Ended type questions with direct observation techniques. The study result show 29 species of plants from 17 families that are used by Using society in Banyuwangi.

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Indonesian Journal of Biotechnology and Biodiversity

ISSN 2581-0014

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Lembaga Penerbitan Universitas Esa Unggul

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