The Expression Gene that Have a Role in Tissue Regeneration of Digit Tip Mice (Mus musculus)

Titta Novianti, Febriana Dwi Wahyuni, It Jamilah, Syafruddin Ilyas


The tissue regeneration of digit tip mice needs some proteins that play a role in overcoming the inflammatory state. The protein plays a role in the continuous growth of specific cells, cell migration, functional differentiation, and tissue morphogenesis. All of the cells need energy related to cell respiration. Naturally expressing mRNA of ADAM 17, Wnt-5a, Hedgehog (HH), and Cytochrome-c (Cyt-c) reliably produced the accordance with their respective roles in each specific phase of tissue regeneration until the whole tissues formed again. The ADAM 17 genes expressed in the inflammatory phase, it positively related its essential role to the inflammatory process. Cyt-c gene expression occurs throughout the tissue regeneration the gene has a role in apoptosis cell. The Wnt-5a gene in the granulation phase and the HH gene expressed after the blastema phase. Both expressed genes positively correlate with the continual growth of the digit tip mice by the specific Spearman test (p <0.05) because of their active role of cell proliferation, cell differentiation, extensive migration, and morphogenesis.

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Indonesian Journal of Biotechnology and Biodiversity

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