Critical Aspects to Produce Low-Cost Protein Molecular Weight Marker: A Review

Leonardo Tejo Gunawan, Maria Goretti Purwanto


Proteomic studies usually begin with characterizing protein profile, like the molecular weight of protein, which can be done by the SDS-PAGE technique followed by Western Blot. These methods need a standard protein called molecular weight marker (MWM). In this review, the important, basic aspects of either recombinant or native MWM production was discussed, including the type and effect of dyes can be used for preparing a prestained MWM. Moreover, buffer and polyols used in the formulation can also affect the quality and stability. Also, another adjuvant may be needed to increase the robustness of MWM to lower the risk of protease contamination that can breakdown the protein inside the MWM during storage. Understanding those critical aspects will help to produce/formulate a good quality of MWM.

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